Sunday, October 5, 2008

RanganatiTTu - Birds' Paradise

On a saturday evening I felt like driving to some place on Sunday. I was totally frustrated with the 2 days continuous travel that week. I wanted to get to some beautiful place which would wash my mind and make me fresh on Monday :-) The option which could strike my mind that time was, RanganatiTTu. and guess what? I drove my Honda Activa to the place from Bangalore. LOL! But trust me this 2 wheeler is the best one for a drive on smooth roads. 45kms milage and which could reach up to 80 km/hr. What else do you expect? ;-) Just posting here some of the best pics that I managed to get in Sony Cyber shot H5. Lovers in the Air Lonely Pied Kingfisher White Ibis Butterfly in a garden nearby Pollens of a flower


  1. hey Do u own a Honda activaa???
    my fav. bike!!!!!

  2. Yes Shaanya.. I have a honda activa...

  3. Like the pic of lonely pied kingfisher and first one (couple in air)....

    Keep up the good work with camera!!