Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flow of the Clouds

Flow of the Clouds, originally uploaded by kulliprashant.

I had been to Mullayyanagiri, the highest peak of Karantaka last weekend and it was for the 3rd time. This time around I could get to see the heaven in the early morning. I have already explained about this place and an experience of my trekking in one of my blogs. So just posting this picture here..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bulbul atop the hils

Bulbul atop the hils, originally uploaded by kulliprashant.

During my last trip to Coorg Dist, we stayed at a homestay near Virajpet, which was in the middle of abundant greenery. Early morning I went out for a walk, and found that the place was dominated by lot of Red Whiskered Bulbul's.

My 300mm telephoto lens wasn't enough to get this bird in full frame; however I liked the background and the way the bird was sitting calmly watching below it, a huge green field.