Sunday, October 26, 2008

Drive away on a boring Sunday evening!

It's Sunday evening.. Tomorrow it's Monday, and a holiday for Diwali.. Wait for my DSLR seems never ending though it's just one more day to go :-).  I and a cousin of mine decided to drive to Hebbal lake today.. However, since it was 4.30, and towards Hebbal there would be lot of traffic , I asked him if we can go to ThippagonDana haLLi lake instead.  This is the place I heard about but had never been to. From Basaveshwara Nagar, we started towards this place in search of birds and lake.. On the way there were a lot of birds but we decided to reach the lake rather than stopping by those birds. However when we reached the main gate of the lake it was closed and there were boards put up saying that the entry is restricted. After enquiring a person standing on the other side of the gate if we can get inside, he said we cannot enter the premises; if they allowed us then they would lose their job! I am wondering - since when, our govt became so strict?; rather, since when our govt employees became so obedient? 
We drove 2-3 kms further and we could spot a way from the backside. Though we could not go close to the lake we could see the bridge and lake from little distance away. There were lots of eagles flying above. The camera did not have much of the work to do. However the 2 enthusiasts did try to capture something there since we visited. :-)
It was a wonderful ride of 30kms one way, towards Taverekere and further. Mind was refreshed after crossing the outskirts of the city and finding the green on both sides. Fresh air is always good to breath you see! :-) 
Beams of the vehicle!
On the road behind the lake  
Working with slow shutter speed
            You can see few stars too
This is the last time I am posting pictures from a borrowed camera.  
From 28th of Oct, all pictures will be from my very own Canon EOS 450D/Rebel XSI :-) 
Just waiting to hold it and click every beautiful thing on this earth! 


  1. nice i guess u wud hv got ur SLR by now...

  2. Happy SLRing..Hope u get to explore more and more wth the new cam :-)

  3. Btw, forgot to mention earlier..ur solo pic is looking cool, except for one thing,,will tell u that later ;-)