Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A brief visit to Ooty

A very short visit to Ooty last week turned out to be a very soothing break. As the temperature is increasing day by day summer is taking its toll on everyone. Ooty turns out to be the best hill station to have a trip during these days with scorching sun. Bright sunny days, a cool breeze, beautiful lakes, awe-inspiring landscapes and the Nilgiri tree ranges all add up to provide a very good travel experience. The homemade chocolates and authentic Tamil Nadu food will be a treat. 

I have always thought Ooty to be a hyped place and highly commercialized. Though the latter is true the place is magnificent. I gave a brief visit to Ooty when I traveled to Coimbatore to attend my friend's wedding. A longer visit to this place is surely worth it. Here are few pictures clicked during that short trip.

Ooty Lake
Pykara Lake
Botanical Garden, Ooty
Trees reaching out to the sky, Ooty
Velvet-fronted Nuthatch 
Shooting points, Ooty
Ooty View Point 
Ooty View Point - Ooty is situated at about 2,286 meters above sea level.
Sambar near Pykara lake
Supermoon evening; Actually with a bigger zoom lens you can always find the supermoon :)

                           No matter how much you request, you will always have such nuisances


  1. Lovely shots !! & love the last pic ;)

  2. nice photos... and you are right, two days are not sufficient if one wants to enjoy this place...

  3. ooty has lost its charm.....its become extremely commercial, I remember as kids visiting ooty almost every year with my cousins...the last time was when I was in engg and I was shocked....oh btw did you have lunch in Dasprakash? mouth is watering

  4. @Niki, I don't remember which hotel was that but yeah a very good food served :-)

  5. Nice place.... Pictures are so cute... Visit