Friday, May 1, 2009

Mullayyanagiri - Chikkamagaluru

Something my friend wrote after he saw this pic. Thanks Ravi!! The poem written by Ravi TS ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ i am caged i am blinded i am saddened i am unlighted oh! I want to touch u but u hold me away oh! i am so near u but u seek me away oh! u never understand love is our road to destiny and... i am ur light i am the sun... i am the sun in the shadow! ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~


  1. Your friends are talented too... Ravi's poem not only works with the picture- it even goes with the title of your entire blog. :)

    Again, gorgeous picture... it looks fake!

    I just noticed you are a computer engineer. Practically my entire family works in various computer engineering companies all around Bangalore. It would be funny if you knew any of them (I know there are millions of computer companies there though). :)

  2. Are you saying the picture is fake ;-) or it is unbelievable.. but trust me this was the view (even more serene with live experience).. That is why this trip has produced many good pictures for me.. you can find few others in my flickr account.. you just click on the photo on this page.. it will take u there.

    Name few of your relatives; I work in EMC, US based storage firm :-)

  3. Well... I meant it was unbelievably beautiful, but now that you bring up the question of its authenticity I have to wonder. ;) Just kidding.

    But seriously, the sun looks so beautiful piercing through the clouds and I love how there are clouds at varying levels. I would love to hike there when I am in Bangalore in January.

    As for my family- my cousin's name is Srivardhini and her husband's name is Pranav Jha. Both of them are engineers as well as my cousin Srinivasa (Mithra). Unfortunately I don't know what companies they work for, but they are all software engineers.

    I think I've heard of EMC... is it close to Jayanagar? That's where a lot of my family lives. :)

  4. Thanks.. EMC is dam close to the Jayangar. half a km from there..

    but soon we will be shifting to the outskirts of B'lore :-(

    btw Jan would be the best time to visit the highest peak of Karnataka..

  5. Mullayyanagiri has been added to my list of must-go places during my visit. Glad to hear January is a good time to go!!! :)

  6. ANNAWRE nigond dodda namaskara.. nimma camera kannu nimma timing amazing kanri.. i still rem dat gras blade photo of yours... amazing spell bound... I Was..
    keeep it up.. camera maadidakku saartaka..