Saturday, March 1, 2008

Epitome of this blog

Until I took the initiative of going to Munnar in the final year of my BE, I didn't know the fun of traveling. I always loved traveling but trip to Munnar made me go more crazy about travelling, seeing new places, greeneries, water falls, boating in the lake situated in the middle of hills, trekking rock hills, green hills.... In last 3 years I got many opportunities to visit many tourist places, thanks to my friends circle!! Through these trips I made few more friends, and it's been going on like that. It's become very rare that my mom sees me at home on weekends. I can't help it but tell my mom that I will plan for one family trip also :-). I hope I update this blog with every new trip of mine. I am too lazy at doing such things but again, I have taken the initiative of being active in this regard!

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